Custom Enlargements

Of 35mm to 8 x 10 negatives on up to 20 x 24 fiber based (FB) or resin coated (RC) paper.

  240mm EL-Nikkor 


To your specifications, full frame, border or borderless.

 Saunders 20 x 24 Easel 

Archival Processing

By hand in trays with an efficient and more effective alkaline fixer that produces prints of greater longevity.

 Zone VI 20 x 24 Archival Washer 


With mixed color matched dye, limited dust spotting or custom spotting with a quote.

 Spotone Retouching Dyes 


With Thiourea (a variable Sepia toner) or Selenium to achieve greater archival protection, enhanced D-max, a color shift, and/or a change of mood.

 Bleach/Toning Tray 

Additional Services

By appointment or quote: consultations, standby approval, darkroom lessons, and special requests.

 8 x 10 Enlarger 

What Do You Need?


Hours By Appointment

- Custom Enlargements

- Archival Processing

- Toning

- Cropping

- Spotting

- Additional Services

- Consultation

- Supervisory

- Lessons



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