If you have black and white negatives and want them made in to traditional photographs with empirically proven archival longevity, my services are for you.  You might be an archivist, a genealogical researcher and documenter, a fine art photographer without a darkroom, a collector of estate photo archives, a conservator or an individual with a shoebox full of historical and generational family photographs.


I make fine art black and white and gray or monochrome gelatin silver photographs for myself.  They are printed in the traditional manner from film negatives and processed by hand in my darkroom to archival standards and are expected to last for centuries.  Ideally, the negatives printed will be black and white negatives.  I also make black and white photographs from color negatives. However, because of technical differences in the two types of negatives, outcomes may be different printed in black and white from a color negative than would be the case of the same image printed from a black and white negative.

I am an award winning fine art photographer with more than 45 years of experience in the art of photography.  My subject matter is people and issues of humanity.  My photographs have been exhibited in juried competitions and numerous group and individual exhibitions at galleries and museums in the Northwest.  Collectors of my photographs, include, among others, the City of Portland, OHSU Hospital and Oregon State University.

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